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Best Homemade Roach Killer [Updated in 2020]

Homemade Roach Killer

A homemade roach killer is the cheapest way to get rid of your problems.

We all know how difficult it is to deal with cockroaches and our first instinct is to call an exterminator. I would advise you not to waste your time calling a roach exterminator. Exterminators are expensive and it will take repeat treatments to get the job done. In the long run, it will cost you more to pay someone else than to do it yourself.

I believe there are two good approaches you can take to get rid of roaches. You can prepare the homemade roach killer yourself, using a recipe of a few simple ingredients. Or you can buy a premade killer solution.

If you are up to the task of killing the bugs yourself here are three options to choose from. The options are listed most effective to least effective for getting rid of cockroaches.

Homemade Roach Killer Recipes

Boric Acid Paste

Boric Acid paste is the number one solution I recommend for killing roaches. Any creepy crawler that eats this paste will become dehydrated and die. Roaches love to eat this stuff so much that they get the paste all over their legs and bodies. Once the insect returns to the nest residue from the paste is eaten by other roaches in the nest and they die too.

Here’s how I make a boric acid paste to kill cockroaches. Just mix equal parts of boric acid powder, sugar, and water to make the simplest roach killing treatment at home. I like to prepare the paste just before dark so that the paste is as fresh as possible. Most bugs and insects love the freshness of the paste.

You should apply the paste everywhere you have spotted roaches before. If you’re unsure where to place the paste, you can’t go wrong by applying the paste in your bathroom, under the refrigerator and stove, and in your kitchen cabinets. Continue to make fresh batches of the paste and continue to apply this solution until you no longer have an insect problem.

Baking Soda Paste

This is a recipe you can easily prepare because most people already have baking soda in the home. Baking soda can be used for baking and to keep things fresh, but who would have thought it could be used to kill filthy cockroaches? Well, let me tell you baking soda can be very efficient.

To prepare the baking soda paste you will need a few simple ingredients.  Baking soda, sugar, and water are all you need for this recipe. Just mix equal parts of each ingredient to prepare the paste. This homemade paste for killing roaches should be applied under the stove & refrigerator, inside cabinets & pantries, under the sink, and anywhere else you have seen creepy crawling insects or bugs.

Although this is an effective roach killer, you won’t see results right away. Roaches will eat the paste and carry it back to their nest. Other roaches in the nest will be affected and die too. Reapply the paste as often as needed until your problem is handled.

Dish Soap and Water

When it comes to effectiveness dish soap and water is the least preferred option of the three mentioned here. The reason being, you can spray the soap and water solution on cockroaches and have good results. However, this method will not eliminate your problems entirely because you are not able to take out the nesting colony like you can with the other methods.

To prepare this roach killing solution just pour a cup of water into a spray bottle and add one teaspoon of liquid dish soap. Any brand will do, although I have had great success in getting rid of bugs using Dawn. With the solution in hand just spray every crawling insect or bug you see that you want to get rid of. Don’t go get to excite, go overboard, and spray too much. Just one trigger squeeze will do.

The soap and water solution will clog the roach’s pores so they can not breathe. Much like us humans, without oxygen, these pesky little critters will die in no time. Now, this is the best option when you see an occasional cockroach that comes inside that needs to be taken care of right away. However, if you are seeing roaches more often it means you probably have a nest in the house and this option will not work for nesting colonies.

Premade Roach Killer

Okay if you have made it this far you are skeptical and do not believe the homemade roach killer will work. I know they sound too simple to be effective. You are probably thinking “these treatment solutions won’t work”. Or maybe you have tried all three options and you still have insects crawling around. This could likely be the case for some homeowners and renters.

The three homemade options may not work the insects in your home have been over treated with professional pesticides and insecticides. When this happens they develop an immunity. In this case, you will need a different solution to get rid of roaches. Here are three other options I recommend that are already premade and are effective at killing roaches.

Advion Cockroach Gel

For the most common household pest the German cockroach, Advion cockroach gel works really well. This gel bait is easy to apply and you should see results quickly. You should apply this gel bait in areas you have spotted crawling insects. The next morning after treatment you will start to see dead roaches everywhere.

Watch and monitor the bait placement so that you can reapply the gel so that the cockroaches can continue to eat. When placing the bait I have found one technique that works really well at killing roaches and getting them to carry gel back to the nest where other pests are killed too. Here’s what you should do.

Palace the gel bait on wax paper and fold the paper like a taco. Place these taco traps throughout the house where you have seen roaches hiding away and hanging out. The cockroaches will take the bait and you will be more successful at getting rid of your roaches. Continue to set out these gel bait traps until the roaches are no longer eating the bait and you are not seeing them anymore.

Rockwell Labs Invict Gold Cockroach Gel

Rockwell Labs makes another powerful and effective cockroach gel named Invict Gold. The Rockwell Labs Invict Gold Cockroach Gel is fast-acting so you can expect to see some almost immediate results. Apply the bait gel according to the package instructions for the best results. You can expect to see cockroaches dying within 20 minutes of eating the bait. Like I said this stuff works fast. The feedback I have received says the product works equally well for German cockroaches and American cockroaches too.

Syngenta Cockroach Bait

The Syngenta cockroach bait is another Advion product that is as effective as the gel I discussed earlier. The major difference being the bait is designed to eradicate those stubborn cockroaches and nests that are so hard to kill. The Syngenta cockroach bait is slow-acting, so roaches feed on the bait, head back to the nesting colony where they die. Other cockroaches in the colony will die if they come into contact with a dead or infected roach.

Final Word

For pest control, homemade options are the safest for you, your family and your pests. The premade options are more toxic, so use extreme caution when working with these products. It is best to follow the label instructions and not try to do things on your own that can be harmful. Be careful and use caution anytime you are work with poisonous materials.

Stay tuned for more natural home remedies for all your bug, insect and rodent needs.

Lynn Edwards

I was tired of spending $79 per month ($948 per year) for professional pest control services. Fed up with this out of pocket expense I decided to figure it out myself. I researched and read everything I could find about pest control, learned what works and what doesn't. I created the DIY pest control guide to save you time, money and help you protect the things you love from all types of pests. Since 2016, I have been taking care of my pest control problems without the help of a professional exterminator. I've learned what the pest control companies don't want you to know. Knowledge is power!

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