What Does An Exterminator Do? (Things To Know Before Hiring)

Sometimes it’s better to hire an exterminator than to try to do it yourself.

What should you do if bug, insects, or rodents are everywhere, coming and going inside and outside of your house at will? You have tried all of the over-the-counter pest control products. You have to feed the pests poisonous baits, you have sprayed the pests with pesticides, you have tried to trap the little critters, and none of the home remedies you have tried got rid of your pests.

After all of this, you are probably feeling frustrated.

You might be wondering what should I do next? If you’ve reached your wit’s end, it’s probably time to call in a pest management professional. During times like this, where you have tried everything and nothing works its time to call in the pest control management company.

How can they help and what does an exterminator do that’s different from what you have already tried?

What Is An Exterminator?

Exterminators are trained professionals who can take care of your pest problems. They can help you get rid of ants, bed bugs, fleas, mice, rats, roaches, and termites too. The approach an extermination person takes is a little bit different than what the average person would do.

They are experts at identifying pests and helping you get to the root of your pest management problems. They do this in the most organized, efficient, and effective way to get rid of your pest in a timely manner.

An extermination person is well versed in all aspects of pest control and elimination. They know how to identify, control, prevent, and kill pests using the least amount of effort possible.

What Do Exterminators Do?

So exactly what does an exterminator do?

Give them a call and when they respond the first thing an exterminator will do is thoroughly inspect your home. They will walk through your property inside and out to totally and fully understand your situation.

Based on their findings they will recommend treatment options. After you make your selection they go to work to eliminate your pest issues. They will treat your pest problem at the source. If additional treatments are needed the extermination person will let you know.

They will also provide you with pest prevention advice so you can keep pests away for good.

When Should I Hire An Exterminator?

People call and hire exterminators for a variety of reasons. Some calls are warranted while others are not and the homeowner could have taken care of the problem themselves.

Here are a few examples of when you should call for professional help immediately without giving it a second thought:

  1. When you don’t want to deal with the pest problem yourself
  2. If the pest problem is too overwhelming for you to do self-treatments
  3. Anytime the risk is so great it could cause serious damage to your home

The first two examples do not require further explanation. But for the third example, there will be times where the potential for damage is so great you need to call in an exterminator right away. If you see any evidence of a termite infestation this is one of those times to get in touch with a professional as soon as possible.

Termites can cause considerable damage to the foundation and structure of your home and this is not something you want to take lightly or try to self treat.

5 Reason To Hire A Professional Exterminator

Here are 5 reasons you should hire a professional extermination company to take of your pest control needs.

  1. They’ll find the source of your problems. Locating where your pests are coming from can be very difficult. In fact, this can be the trickiest part of all and many homeowners misidentify the source of their pest problems. They will find and eliminate the source for you.
  2. They can identify pest entry points into your home. They will seek out and discover how pests are sneaking into your home. They will seal off all access and entry points leading into your house. This will greatly reduce the number of bugs, insects, and rodents you will see inside.
  3. They apply minimal pesticides with maximum effects. Unlike most homeowners, exterminators are experts at the craft of pest management. When it comes to pesticides they never apply too much, they only use enough chemicals to get the job done. This is safer for you, your family, your pet, and the environment.
  4. You can save money over time. Extermination services can be rather cheap if you get them involved well before you have any pest issues. If you wait until after the fact the price of service can be very costly.
  5. Their products are safe for humans and pests. If you are concerned about the environment and your pets just ask the exterminating company to use eco-friendly pest control products. These types of products are the safest for people and pests.
  6. They will help you keep pest-related damage to a minimum. Don’t wait until you have problems, get an extermination company involved early and reduce the chances of major damage happening. This is especially true with termites and carpenter ants you want to prevent them before they can multiply and cause major damage.

Related Questions

What does an exterminator do for mice? A professional mice exterminator will inspect your home to better understand your rodent problem. They will seal off all entry and exit points to your house. When it’s time to treat the problem they will use whatever treatment method they feel is best such as using poison baits or traps. The baits and traps are laid and the exterminator can follow up for pest removal if you choose for them to do so. Once all mice are removed they can provide you with a pest prevention plan or advice.

What does an exterminator do for cockroaches? Roach exterminators can provide very effective and potent roach treatments compared to what can be bought over-the-counter. They will inspect your house inside and out to find entry and exit points. They will identify all food and water sources that may be feeding the roaches helping them to breed. Common treatment options for cockroaches include pesticide sprays and bait stations. The exterminator will continue to monitor and treat your house until the roaches are gone.

What does an exterminator do for ants? Ants can be very problematic and sometimes to get rid of them you have no choice but to call in an exterminator. Ant exterminators can help you get to the root of your ant problem, which is to find and target the ant colony. When it comes to treatment options they can use spray, dust, or bait to kill the ants and their colony. They can seal all entry points to prevent ants from entering in the future.

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