How to Make A Pesticide Free Beer and Bread Cockroach Trap

The results are in and more roaches were caught in the cockroach trap that was baited with bread and beer. Since all cockroach traps are built the same, it had to be the bread and beer that attracted so many more roaches than traps with other baits.

If you want to get rid of large amounts of cockroaches quickly then bait traps are what you need. Unlike sticky traps that are messy and hard to clean up after, cockroaches flock in droves to bait traps.

How to Make A Cockroach Trap

Some people use poisonous glue and gel traps to do away with unwanted creepy crawling house guests. I, however, prefer not to use poisonous materials to kill since they can harm humans and domesticated pets.

The cockroach trap is a more simple, easy and effective way to deal with your problems. You can make the trap out of items you have around the home such as a glass jar or plastic bottle. I prefer to use plastic bottles.

Watch the video below if you want to see how to make a DIY trap:

Here are step-by-step instructions in case you are not a visual person and need something to read (Source: Delaware Health and Social Services – Cockroach Control Public Information).

1. Make cockroach traps by cutting the top off of a 2-liter soda pop bottle. Cut in a straight line where the bottle begins to curve.

2. Put a little Vaseline or cooking spray around the inside of the bottle (Be careful not to get any on the outside). Invert the top and put it back inside the bottle like a funnel. Then tape the edges to keep the top from falling inside and the roaches from escaping.

3. Put some masking tape or fabric on the outside from the bottom to the top, so the roaches can climb up and into your trap.

4. Put a piece of bread soaked in beer in the bottom of the trap and place the trap bottle under sinks, in corners, and wherever you see roaches.

5. Leave trap overnight, placing it in a room along a wall or cabinet – not in the center of the room.

6. Check traps each morning. You will find cockroaches trapped inside the device. Change out the beer and bread bait every few days since it will mold quickly.

7. Kill cockroaches by either freezing the contents or pour the contents into HOT soapy water. Empty out the hot water in the garbage or flush down the toilet, then put another small piece of beer-soaked bread in the trap, and set it out again that night.

Repeat this process over several days and see your cockroach population decrease. Continue to use the trap to control and monitor roach infestations.

Best Bait for Homemade Traps

Beer and bread continue to be the best homemade bait for traps. If you know of any other bait that will eradicate nocturnal cockroaches better let us know. In case you are wondering there are many other baits you can use in homemade traps including:

  • Sugar water
  • Soft drinks
  • Rice beer
  • Coffee

Why should I use a pesticide-free cockroach trap?

“Why should I use a pesticide-free cockroach trap?” This is the initial question I’m asked after recommending a non-pesticide option for getting rid of cockroaches.

My response to this common concern about not using pesticides to exterminate roaches is always the same. Pesticides cause harm to the environment. They can make you and your family sick. You can accidentally poison your pets using chemical pesticide products. When it comes to exterminating roaches, pesticides are not always the best and only answer.

Common species like the American, Brown-Banded, German, and Oriental roaches which are found in and around homes have developed some level of resistance to pesticides. This means if you try to kill roaches with pesticides the results will be less than effective. Hence the reason I will often recommend a non-pesticide option for roach infestations.

Other Baits and Repellents That Work

Traps are not the only thing that works. There are plenty of other baits and repellents for you to use to combat the household roach. A few well known alternative include

Related questions about cockroaches

Will leaving or sleeping with the lights on keep roaches away? Some people mistakenly believe roaches will run away from light. They leave the lights on at night while they sleep with the belief that if roaches are exposed to light 24-hours per day they will leave or go away. Unfortunately, this approach does not work because roaches can always find a dark spot somewhere in your house to breed.

Why do I have roaches in my clean house? Not many people realize you can keep a clean house and still have roaches running around. Roaches are attracted to food first. They also need water to breed and survive. So if you have an abundance of food that roaches can feed on, they will be a problem. If you take food out of the equation, roaches will pack up and find somewhere else to stay.

Is one roach a sign of infestation? No, a signal cockroach crawling around is not necessarily an indicator of an infestation. However, you should still be concerned if you see a single roach in your home. This isolated roach sighting could be a scout from a nearby nest searching for food. If this is the case you probably have a roach nest within your house that needs to be eliminated.

Parting Thoughts

There is a simple remedy if your roach problem is more systemic, with roaches running and crawling around your house. Make more traps. Add two or three more traps into the rotation in order to eliminate your problem quickly.

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