All Natural Repellents For Mice That Work

Looking for natural repellents for mice?

If you are looking to get rid of mice living in your home there are a few ways you can go about removing them. You can take a more lethal approach by using poisons, traps, or baits that will kill mice dead in their tracks. If you decide to take this approach you run the risks of causing health problems for yourself, your family, and your pet.

Another option is to take a peaceful approach that doesn’t harm the pests.

By peaceful, I mean you can scare them off or run them away with natural repellents. If used properly, natural repellents are safe for the ecosystem. When used in moderation and at safe levels natural repellents will not harm you, your family, or pets.

There are a few natural repellents that work very well on mice and other rat-like rodents.

So, what are the natural repellents for mice? Our most favorite and the most effective natural repellents for mice are peppermint oil, balsam fir oil, and lemon citrus oil.

Why You Should Use Natural Repellents

There is only one benefit to using chemicals like pesticides and insecticides to control pests — they work fast. But there are many negatives associated with using chemicals. They are harmful to you, your family, your pets, and the environment.

Chemical pesticides and insecticides can poison and pollute our ecosystem in many ways. They can damage our water supply and pollute our air. When inhaled it has been proven that many of the chemicals we use to control and kill pests will cause lung cancer. They are just bad all around.

It is much safer to attack and control pests using natural repellents. With the only negative being, they take longer to work than chemicals. When used correctly and for the intended purpose natural repellents are safe for us, families, and pets.

These repellents have been used successfully for hundreds of years. Many of the repellents we will talk about today were used by our grandparents and their grandparents all with success before chemical pesticides were invented.

So if you want to get rid of insects, bugs, and rodents in a more humane, all-natural, and least harmful way, then natural repellents are the way to go.

How Do You Know If You Have Mice?

Mice and rats are very secretive by nature they will hide and stay out of your way if possible.

You may not see mice (I can’t say the same about a rat) but they leave plenty of clues behind which will let you know they are present in your home.  Outside of seeing one, there are many other notable signs that you have mice including the following…

1. Mouse Droppings Look for these near feeding areas, along walls, and near their shelter.
2. Mouse tracks Layout any powdery substance then look for footprint or trail marks.
3. Smudge marks These are caused by oily and dirty mice fur so look out for them.
4. Hear sounds Do you hear squeaking, climbing, running, and gnawing noises?
5. Mouse nests Nests are made of finely shredded fibrous material. Look for the nests.
6. Foul Odors A telltale sign of mice is the smell of a stinky musty odor.
7. Gnawing Do you see any damage to property caused by gnawing?

#2 is my most favorite way to detect if mice are present in a home.  I’ll place down flour or talc powder all throughout the house. Wait 24 hours and then access the situation.

What Not To Do When You See A Mouse

Stop for a moment and think. What would be your first reaction to seeing a mouse or rat crawling around on your kitchen counter or scurrying across the floor?

Would you scream and yell out. Or would you reach for the telephone and call in an exterminator.  Well, most people instinctively resort to two things after encountering a mouse. They turn to mice poisons and mouse traps. Both of these approaches are problematic.

Mice and rat poisons are dangerous and can be harmful to your pets and children – keep them out of your home. Mousetraps can be very messy, are not necessary, and are inhumane. We don’t recommend using them for these reasons.

So when you see a mouse in the house don’t take the approach that most people do. Don’t reach for poisons or mouse traps. Instead, use the natural repelling solutions we talk about below to get rid of your mice problems.

The Ultimate All-Natural Mouse Repellent

Put away the mouse traps, rodent poisons, and sticky boards because they are inhumane and brutal.

There are many natural solutions that will eliminate mice and other rodents from your house, apartment, garage, attic, crawlspace, or basement. One of the best solutions we have found is an essential oil called peppermint. The method is very effective because mice are allergic to peppermint oil.

Peppermint oil has a fragrant smell that is pleasing to humans but wreaks havoc on mice. It’s so irritating to them that it will drive them away from your home.

A word of advice when buying peppermint oil. Do not purchase peppermint extract as this will have little to no effects on mice and rodents. You will need to get 100% all-natural peppermint oil to get the job done.

It’s very easy to put peppermint oil to use in getting rid of mice. Just place a few drops of the oil on cotton balls. The place the cotton balls where you have seen mice and say goodbye to your unwanted guests. You will never see them again.

The Best All Natural Rodent Repellent

Time to introduce you to another all-natural essential oil that repels mice. A few people I know say that hands down this is the best essential oil for mice. I can attest to its effectiveness of driving mice crazy and running them out of the house.

So what is this super effective and amazing essential oil mouse repellent? It’s called Balsam Fir Oil. This oil gives off a woody type scent that smells like a lot like Christmas.

To repel mice soak a few cotton balls in Balsam Fir Oil and then strategically place them out. Place the treated cotton balls in areas mice frequent such as:

  • next to entryways
  • near cabinets
  • inside closets,
  • nooks and crannies

The All-Natural Super Rodent Repellent

Lemon citrus is another not so well known essential oil that is effective at repelling rodents. Rodents really hate the smell of lemon citrus and will avoid it at all costs.

You could easily repel mice in a similar fashion as described above with peppermint and balsam fir oil. However, let us try something a little different this time around.

This time we will combine our essential oil, lemon citrus, with another all-natural ingredient called Diatomaceous Earth (DE). DE is well known for being an excellent natural non-toxic insect killer. This method works better than cotton balls since diatomaceous earth is more absorbent thus allowing the scents of the oils to last longer.

However, I won’t get into the details of how that is done here. But you can read about it in other articles I have written on this website.

So let me briefly explain how to repel mice with lemon citrus oil and diatomaceous earth.  The method I’m about to explain works equally well with any other essential oil that is effective at repelling rodents.

Ingredients You Will Need

  • 1/8 cup water
  • 2-3 drops  lemon citrus oil (peppermint or balsam fir oil will also work)
  • 1 cup diatomaceous earth (food grade)
  • several bottle caps

To prepare the super rodent repellent just add essential oil to water and stir until thoroughly mixed. Now slowly add in the diatomaceous earth, mixing well until the moist.

Spoon the mixture into bottle caps and place near locations you have seen mice.

The Dangerous Of Essential Oils

Are essential oils safe?

Although essential oils are all-natural and plant-based they can be dangerous if used or handled wrong. Many of the essential oils can be hazards to pets, children, old or sick adults. Please take necessary precautions when using oils, follow the handling and usage instruction found on each bottle of essential oil.

Related Questions

Do mothballs repel rats? We have not found mothballs to be an effective deterrent for mice and rats. If you want to repel rats we recommend you use an essential oil like balsam fir oil, lemon citrus, or peppermint. Extracts for plants such as these can be used to deal with your rodent problem.

How do you feed birds without attracting rats? The easiest way to feed birds without attracting rats is to clean up seeds and hulls that drop on the ground as birds feed. Some other ways to make bird feeding unattractive to rats is to install a feed tray or choose not to waste bird food. Give these methods a try and you should see a reduction in interest from rats.

Does bleach keep rats away? Bleach is somewhat effective. But peppermint oil, balsam fir oil, and lemon citrus oil are far better options if you want to repel rats.

Do products like ultrasonic pest repellers work? I have received mixed feedback on ultrasonic pest repellers. The most positive feedback we have received from happy customers suggest ultrasonic pest repellers are very effective at running mice away from home. However, I must say that a few customers have stated the electronic ultrasonic devices did little to remove mice.  The only way to know for sure is to try one of the many products that are on the market today.

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