How To Get Rid Of Ants In Dishwashers Without Calling An Exterminator

Ants in dishwashers can be problematic unless you take action fast. Do you have ants in your dishwasher? Are you wondering what to do about these crawling insects?

If you’ve got ants in the dishwasher you don’t have to be overly concerned. It’s not the end of the world and something you can’t handle.  In most cases, an ant problem is easy enough for you to fix yourself. You don’t need to phone the exterminator or spray poisonous pesticides to be able to kill the ants.

“But wait a minute” you might be thinking.

“What if I have ants crawling around and swarming everywhere?  My case is an exception to the rule.  I should surely give the ant exterminator a ring because my ant problems are too bad.”

I still wouldn’t suggest you pick with the phone and call that pest exterminator yet unless you wish to pour cash down the drain together with the ants.  You ought to attempt to resolve this problem yourself because it’s too easy to eliminate ants when you’re armed with an excellent solution.

I have had ants in my house a few times.  I know there are a few ways you can deal with ants in dishwashers.  Since the topic of this page is do it yourself pest control, I’ll stick solely to options to get rid of ants that don’t involve having to hire an ant exterminator.  Besides getting a professional involved to control ants in overkill in my opinion.

You should handle ants in the dishwasher the same way you deal with other ant situations in your home.  I have found that ant control can be accomplished by following a few simple steps.

Where are the Ants Coming From?

The first step in eliminating ants in the dishwasher is to determine the type of ant you are dealing with and take notice of their behaviors. Observe the ants closely what do they look like, what are they eating and where are they coming from?

What kind of ants are you dealing with? Are they black ants, white ants, carpenter ants, odorous ants, sugar ants, or some other type of ant.

What are the ants after? Are they feeding off foods that are left on dishes sitting in your dishwasher? If so, sooner or later you will make it a common practice to wipe away pieces of food from your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Another option is to run the appliance after putting in the dishes and not let them sit.

Where are the ants coming from? How are they entering your dishwasher? Are they coming into your home through the dishwasher drain or are they already inside your home but enter the dishwasher through cracks in the wall or appliance?

Once you know what sort of ant you might be dealing with, why they’re in your dishwasher and have discovered their entry point (how the ants are getting in) you’re in business and can proceed with eliminating the ants.

How to Get Rid of Ants In Dishwashers

When it comes to ridding your dishwasher of ants I most often hear about two solutions.  Most people will offer up the following advice to handle your ant problems saying that “You should”:

  • Run your dishwasher on the hottest cycle to kill the ants
  • Pour vinegar down the dishwasher’s drain to kill off the ants
  • Spray pesticides (this option is harmful to you and your loved ones)

I have discovered the above recommendation to be ineffective and give you the following options that are more practical at ant control and eliminating your ant problems.

Here are two natural insecticides for ants that you can use to remove them from your dishwasher.

  1. Boric acid
  2. Food- Grade Diatomaceous earth

I strongly recommend using either boric acid or food-grade diatomaceous earth to eradicate ants.  Both products are natural insecticides.  Be careful when using these products as they are toxic and can cause harm to your children, pets, and other small animals like birds, reptiles, and hamsters if ingested.

Both products work really well on ants. To apply, just sprinkle either product so that the ants walk over the powdery solution. Any ants that come in contact with the powder will track it back to their nest and the colony of other ants will meet a timely death.

It is always advisable to wear protective gear such as a mask, goggles, gloves, etc when dealing with diatomaceous earth and boric acid.

Now that you know how to deal with ants in dishwashers you must take action.

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Related Questions

Does vinegar kill ants?  If you’re a homeowner who desires to keep a pest-free house you might be questioning if an ant infestation could be remedied with vinegar?  Vinegar has a strong order which displeases ants so a solution of vinegar and water can be used to repel ants.  However, in my opinion, the vinegar option is only a temporary fix.  If you want a long-term more permanent solution you should try the natural ant talked about above.

Is boric acid safe to use for pest control? Boric acid is a field-tested pest management solution that I actually have used many times with shocking success.  I say surprisingly because this option is cheap when compared to other solutions and works really fast to eliminate your pest problems. When it comes to safety, boric acid is not safe for humans and pets to ingest.  So be careful when using this product around pets and small children who could accidentally inhale or digest the product if they come in contact with it.

How do you kill ants with borax?  Borax not to be confused with boric acid is another efficient ant killer. If you’d rather not sprinkle borax directly in your house there’s another easy and more practical way to apply it to do away with ants. Just take 1-1/2 tablespoon of borax with 1/2 cup of sugar. Mix both ingredients well with 1-1/2 cup warm water to develop a mixture. Soak a few cotton balls in the mixture then strategically place the cotton balls where you have seen ants.  Remove the cotton balls after a couple of days whenever you ant problem is resolved. Keep children and pets away too for their safety.

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